Predictive Analytics has been proven to be a critical resource in a variety of applications.

Financial Markets

Predictive Analytics is a critical resource for Financial and Commodity Markets. Like the butterfly in Africa that initiates a hurricane over the Atlantic, any and all data has the potential to affect any market in monumental fashion. Devlex provides the means to mine relevant data, provide powerful algorithms incorporating user variables and present a decision maker with probable outcomes.


Predictive Analytics has been ingrained in sports’ management and sports’ betting since the first athlete invented sport. Today teams have full staffs to generate and gather sport data and predict performance outcomes.

Devlex’s staff have accumulated sport historical data and continue to update data files on selected sports. Our automated data collection engines update additional team and player variables during live matches. Using our proprietary algorithms, Devlex presents users with real time pertinent probabilities to make informed decisions.

Business Operations

Today’s business managers are inundated with massive amounts of data. Devlex Predictive Analytics will incorporate historical data, current statistical inputs and proven business models to present business decision makers with probable outcomes. The Devlex process incorporates our data mining and predictive analysis algorithms with the user’s experience and input to allow intelligent decisions based on real world information.