It's all about smart devices.


Here's what our CTO said, on the front page of this website, back in 2005:


"Smartphones today have the power and connectivity that overshadow desktop PC's of just a few years ago.

We believe we are on the cusp of a revolution in the way in which we interact with computers; the days of a computer being a large noisy object sitting on a desk and running software in isolation are coming to an end. Instead we embrace the vision of a world of small, powerful, battery driven computers existing in connected, yet wireless, networks; from local ah-hoc Bluetooth networks through to GPRS and UMTS 3G networks.

We believe the immediate future for computing lies with the SmartPhone, whether it be one of the Symbian platforms, Microsoft's SmartPhone platform, a Linux Smartphone or perhaps even MIDP."



OK, so there is no mention of iPhone, Android but he was bang on the money.


Smartphones are where it is at right now, but things are only just starting.


Location and Push are the next things we are excited about...

What's new?


The Horse Tipster - bringing tipping into the 21st century.




DrSwot GCSE Study Apps!


Squijd for iPhone released!

PhoneScreen updated for S60 and UIQ. New Full Screen and Phone Skins support!

PhoneTunes 4.20 released!

PhonePoint updated for S60.




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