Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is “the management of structured historical data, the application of predictive analytic models that utilize that data, and the use of information systems to inform decision makers and enable them to better understand and utilize the data available.”

Predictive Analytics is critical for the worlds of business, sports, financial markets and government. Wherever systems generate large data sets, predictive analytics is used to sort, process and mine the data for useful information. Once the pertinent information is identified, predictive analytics presents the information in a format useful for decision makers.

Devlex Industries has developed and refined their proprietary algorithms over the last 7 years to mine relative information from massive datasets and present the useful data in an understandable format to decision makers.


Today’s digital society generates massive amounts of data. Sorting relevant information from all the noise is a daunting task. Devlex Technology provides users with custom filters to separate relevant information from the bombardment of spurious noise.

Our team scours historical content to establish data patterns and identify relevant information. We design custom feature sets to group information into pertinent relationships. The data relationships are then mined, based on user requirements, utilizing Devlex proprietary algorithms. With the addition of user input and available live data, refining algorithms further filter the data and present the decision maker with relevant probabilities. The decision maker can then relate the probable outcomes against identified models and personal experience to make an informed decision.


Predictive Analytics has been proven to be a critical resource in a variety of applications.

Financial Markets

Predictive Analytics is a critical resource for Financial and Commodity Markets. Like the butterfly in Africa that initiates a hurricane over the Atlantic, any and all data has the potential to affect any market in monumental fashion. Devlex provides the means to mine relevant data, provide powerful algorithms incorporating user variables and present a decision maker with probable outcomes.


Predictive Analytics has been ingrained in sports’ management and sports’ betting since the first athlete invented sport. Today teams have full staffs to generate and gather sport data and predict performance outcomes.

Devlex’s staff have accumulated sport historical data and continue to update data files on selected sports. Our automated data collection engines update additional team and player variables during live matches. Using our proprietary algorithms, Devlex presents users with real time pertinent probabilities to make informed decisions.

Business Operations

Today’s business managers are inundated with massive amounts of data. Devlex Predictive Analytics will incorporate historical data, current statistical inputs and proven business models to present business decision makers with probable outcomes. The Devlex process incorporates our data mining and predictive analysis algorithms with the user’s experience and input to allow intelligent decisions based on real world information.


Devlex Industries began developing mobile applications in 2008 as the introduction of the iPhone ushered in the age of the Smartphone.

In 2012 Devlex Industries hit a data explosion wall in mobile development and decided to introduce a Predictive Analytics Group to address the mining and presentation of large data sets.

Devlex Predictive Analytics utilizes proprietary data gathering and powerful algorithms to provide users with predictive results. Unlike other Predictive Analytical services that are cloud based; due to the size of the data analyzed, Devlex uses local servers to increase analytical speed and incorporate real-time data.

The Devlex group continually tests our algorithms and data mining engines against historical information to refine and improve our engineering. For most applications the data mining and capture is fully automated.

Within the Devlex process, users choose pertinent algorithm parameters as well as dashboard layout and results.


Devlex is a Limited UK registered company

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